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Chukar Hunt & Fly Fishing

The Middle Fork of the Salmon River, in Idaho's River of No Return - Frank Church Wilderness Area offers some of the most beautiful and pristine fishing and hunting in the country.  Located in the heart of the largest wilderness area in the Lower-48, the Middle Fork of the Salmon is THE river for secluded and productive multi-day fishing and hunting expeditions. 

Chukar are small upland game birds that were introduced to the Western US from Asia.  The Middle Fork offers chukar excellent terrain and habitat similar to their native habitat of southwest Asia. They are larger than quail, smaller than pheasant, and 100% fun to hunt!

Most days we will float and fish, keeping our ears and eyes open, scouting for coveys of Chukar. When we find them, we quickly pull over and start chasing them, returning to the boats to continue floating once we've exhausted the hunting opportunity and looking for more birds.

The boats are rigged ideally for this dual mission and are split between our small, nimble dedicated fishing rafts and our larger rafts that make very stable fishing platforms and equipment haulers.  We invite all guests to switch up boats each day, giving everyone an opportunity to ride in both types of boat and to interact with all the guides and guests.

 Call for details!

The Details

6-days, 5 nights, 100% Adventure!

Price per Guest

  • Please call for current pricing!

  • Up to 16 guests

Trip Dates: ​

  • 2024 dates coming soon!

  • Dates vary each year. 


Call us for customization options, including Private Trips, different trip lengths, or specific date requests.

Mayfly hatch in the Frank Church Wilderness of No Return, on the Middle Fork Salmon River


Perfect Timing 

  • Chukar season opening varies by year, but always begins around the third week of September.  This is an amazing time to experience the Middle Fork with cooler temps, and clear dry weather. We will be awed by the beautiful fall colors that dominate the foliage this time of year.

  • Days are starting to get shorter, signaling the fish to feed and prepare for winter.  They won't be able to resist your fly!

Time to Fish

  • You get 6 days to dedicate to fishing one of the healthiest natural trout fishery in the country.​

  • On the water, each boat has two anglers and a dedicated guide. Fish at your own pace and soak up the fall colors!

  • Switch between our specialized fishing boats and our more relaxed and stable larger rafts.

Time to Hunt

  • The easiest Chukar hunting in the world- float until we find them, then chase!

  • If you want to focus more on hunting, there are definitely opportunities to hike and look for birds away from the boats.

  • Enjoy the bounty! When the hunting is good, guides prepare fresh chukar appetizers each evening!


  • Hunt, fish, just relax- it's up to you!

  • Smaller groups allow us more flexibility to adjust our daily schedules to accommodate different preferences.

  • Book the entire trip for maximum customization.  Call to chat about the possibilities.


Middle Fork Adventures specializes in remarkable wilderness vacations. This is the adventure of lifetime!


  • All camping gear is included. We ask guests to pair up in our spacious 5-person tents, leaving plenty of space for you to sleep off the ground up on our cots. Sleeping bags and standard pillows are also provided.

  • We provide all the food for the trip, and our guides take pride in serving you the best food in the wilderness.

  • A small amount of wine is provided at dinners, but you are more than welcome to bring additional beverages and we will have plenty of safe storage for it.

  • We always bring a handful of fly rods, and plenty of flies, tippet, etc.  You are welcome to use our equipment, but keep in mind that it is shared among all of the guests.  We also find that accomplished anglers are usually more comfortable with and enjoy fishing their own rods more than ours.

  • We do NOT provide shotguns, ammo or hunting specific clothing/vests.  Please plan on bringing your own.  If traveling with or shipping your firearms are impossible, please contact us to discuss possible solutions.

  • Hunting and fishing licenses are required, and NOT provided by Middle Fork Adventures.  Please visit Idaho Fish & Game.

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